Real estate loan application: why you have to be patient

Summer period and conjuncture of (extremely) low rates oblige, the delays of treatment of the files of request for mortgage loan become longer. Do not hesitate to include this additional time if you sign a sales agreement.   Borrowing rates This is no longer a scoop: the borrowing rates for a property purchase are at […]

Fast loan without credit bureau instant approval.

Many people need a quick loan without Credit Bureau with immediate approval to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck or to be able to finance. The problem is that an instant loan without Credit Bureau is not available from the bank, but only through a foreign or private lender. For this reason, it would be very […]

6000 dollar credit for self-employed – simple and fair

If the business is not going so well, a 6000 dollar loan can be helpful for the self-employed . But also for private purposes a loan for self-employed can be taken out 6000 USD. This is still a small loan. This is awarded by banks, savings banks and online banks. In order to find the […]

Real estate loans: rates recover in November

French banks slightly raised interest rates on mortgage loans to individuals on average in November, but their level remains close to their historic low and below inflation, according to a study released Monday. All durations combined, lending rates in the competitive sector reached 1.44% in November, a small increase after several months of stagnation, reports […]

Get a loan even if you are a trainee civil servant

For most public establishments hiring, a trial period is always compulsory for all new civil servants. A new employee must therefore first go through the status of intern for a fixed period before obtaining his tenure, which will make him a civil servant in the institution in question. And sometimes, during this trial period, getting […]