Using Nuts In Candy Making


The use of nuts in candy making plays an important part in imparting delicious and rich taste in candies. The crunch of various types of candy making nuts can offset chewy or soft candies and at the same time the slightly savory nuts or the slightly sweet flavor imparted by nuts in making candies provide a good counterpoint to the use of sugar and chocolate in candy making.


Candy making with nuts is a very common practice and there are large varieties of nuts which are used for making candies of all types. The most common types of nuts in candy making are almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, macadamias and pecans. Apart from these commonly used candy making nuts, there are other types of nuts which are also used in candy making depending upon the candy recipe. 


It is beneficial to know in detail about various kinds of nuts in candy making because some of the candy making recipes calls for chopping, skinning, or roasting of candy making nuts. If you know the methods of preparing nuts for candy making it will help you to become a good candy maker and also a skilled nut confections.


Presented below is the information on how to chop candy making nuts and also the best methods for storing nuts. Let us take a look at the same:


In most of the recipes of candy making with nuts, it is required that nuts should be chopped finely. It depends on how finely the nuts need to be chopped whether to use a food processor for chopping candy making nuts or it can be performed easily with the hand. If a recipe asks for finely chopped nuts, then it is advised that a food processor or some other suitable electrical kitchen equipment to be used for this purpose, as it will be easiest to do. You need to put a small quantity of nuts in the processor, and run the processor for small pulses for several times. It is important to note that since certain nuts in candy making have notable oil content in them, it becomes common practice that you over-process nuts and end up with nut butter if you are not carefully monitoring them. Moreover, one must use nuts in small batches to make sure that even chopping is being done of candy making nuts.


Another important thing to remember regarding nuts in making candies is that one should seldom chop nuts when they are warm. Avoid this because chopping of warm nuts for making candy can result in greasy and oily nuts which are not at all suitable for making candies. Various types of nuts used in candy making should be stored in air tight containers or bags. It is also better to store jars containing candy making nuts in the refrigerator rather than at a room temperature. The nuts which get frozen can be toasted or chopped straight from the freezer without facing any difficulties. When stored properly, the nuts for candy making can last for up to a year, although the nuts with high oil contents such as walnuts with and pecans with a shorter life can be frozen up to 10 months. In case, you fear that candy making nuts have gone rancid, then you can find out it by tasting them as it is immediately apparent upon tasting whether they are fine or not to be used in candy making.