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If you are interested in candy making at home, then you must be aware about the commonly used terms in the glossary for candy making. It is important to know the meaning of important and commonly used terms because you need to understand what each term means and also about ingredients used in candy making. Therefore resource acting as glossary for making candies will be of great help.

The below mentioned candy making glossary describes the meaning of some of the popular terms used in candy making.  Let us take a look:

Glycerin: It is a kind of viscous liquid which is faintly sweet in taste.

Boiled Candies: The candies which are made from boiling sugar syrup are known as boiled candies. The lollipops, rock candy and barley candy all belong to the same family. It is important to note that although soft candies such as caramel candies and fudge are also boiled, but the boiled candies traditionally refers to hard candies.

Candied Fruit: Those fruits which are cooked and soaked in sugar syrup to keep them protected for a longer time period are known as candid fruits.

Caramel: It is a kind of confectionary which is prepared using a pure cooked sugar or usually enriched with butter.

Chocolate: One of the most popular kinds of confectionary is chocolate. It is obtained from the fruit of a tree, known as Theobroma cacao. The fruit is named as cacao beans which are then fermented, dried, roasted, and ground, to make a cocoa liquor, which can be separated into cocoa butter, a smooth, solid fat used in both food and cosmetics, and cocoa powder.

Cocoa Powder: It is a powered which is unsweetened in taste and is obtained by grinding beans of cocoa tree and pressing out the cocoa butter. It is used to provide intense chocolate taste to baked goods.

Fudge: Fudge is a cooked chocolate confectionary item. There are various types of fudge recipes; however maximum types of fudge contain chocolate, sugar, butter, and condensed milk, evaporated milk, or cream.


Sugarplums: The candies which are of European origin are known as sugarplums. They contain well chopped pieces of various dried fruits and nuts which provides it a great and rich taste.

Toffee: It is a type of candy which is made by boiling sugar syrup to a very high temperature till hard-crack stage.  The difference between a candy and toffee is that generally toffee is hard and which is chewable and possessing a rich taste, obtained by adding a mixture of butter, sugar and water into the sugar syrup.


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Overview Regarding Some Of The Main Ingredients For Candy Making 

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Know which the main ingredients for candy making are. Read the given details which will provide you with useful information about candy making ingredients.


Ingredients For Candy Making




This article is intended to assist candy makers with the process of candy making by providing them with the useful information about ingredients for candy making.

If you are new at candy making and don’t have enough knowledge about candy making ingredients, then this article will act as your guide and let you know about all the required and main ingredients for making candies.

This information presented here in this article takes into account only the basic ingredients for candy making and there can be more candy making ingredients which can also be used for making candies of different types.


Knowing about ingredients for candy making will be an added advantage because you can use these ingredients to improve the taste of your candies and thus able to make tastier candies. And who doesn't love home made delicious candies. In fact, some of the ingredients for making candies are known for imparting mouth watery taste to candies if they are used as stated in the recipe.

The basic candy making ingredients are very simple one which includes, water, sugar, milk, chocolates, dry fruits, nuts and various flavored substances such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch etc.


The above listed ingredients for making candies are the basics and they are used to make different kinds of candy making recipes. It is important to note that candy making is a very simple process which includes steps such as dissolving sugar in water and then heating this mixture until it becomes thick and then mould of various shapes as you wish into the mixture. Milk can also be used in place of water depending on your choice and the taste you wish to get in your home made candies.

Most of the times, the ingredients for candy making have a great impact in deciding the final taste and look of the candies. However, candies differ in texture, in other words they are soft, hard, chewy or brittle. Generally, candy recipes are in different categories such as boiled, confection, fudge, praline, truffle, hard, caramel, brittle and prickle etc. If you are have a creative bent of mind, you can come up with your own recipe at home and still get different flavors and colorants with the help of various candy making ingredients.