Using Cream In Candy Making

Use of cream in candy making is very common as cream is among the basics ingredients in various candy making recipes. Since there are different creams in candy making, it is important to understand the points of differences between various types of creams in making candies.


If you know the differences between different types of cream in candy making, you would be able to choose the right kind of creams in making candies according to your requirements. Different creams in candy making are described in detail below. Read on to know more about the use of different cream types in candy making. Knowing about different cream types in candy making is a great starting place for new candy makers.

Basically cream is obtained by skimming the upper most layer of butterfat from boiled milk. Cream is divided into various types on the basis of content of fats in it.

Light Cream: Light cream in candy making consists of 18 to 30 percent of fat content. It is also called as coffee cream and not gets fluffed up.

Heavy Cream: Heavy creams in making candies are used when heavy fluffed up cream base is required. It is a heavily whipping cream because of high fat contents ranging from 36 to 40 percent.

Half and Half Cream: This type of cream is made by mixing milk and cream together in equal proportions. The fat content ranges from 10 to 15 percent. Half and half cream in candy making is used to give richness to the candies which is not present if only milk is used and no cream. The mixture of milk and cream becomes thick enough to replace cream in recipes for candy making which call for cream. Moreover, the half and half cream in making also doesn’t whip either.

Whipping Cream:  Among different creams in candy making, whipping cream is especially used when candy making recipe calls for whipping. The fat content in whipping cream is between 30 to 36 percent. Most of the times, it consists of stabilizers and emulsifiers ensuring that cream keeps and holds its form when being whipped.

Manufacturing Cream: Manufacturing cream in candy making consists of high fat content, over 40 percent. It is important to note that manufacturing cream used for making candies is generally unavailable in local grocery stores or bakeries as it is mainly used in professional food service.

Aerosol Cream: This type of cream in candy making usually supplied in aerosol cans and comprises of cream, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and nitrous oxide, the propellant used to squirt it out of the cans. It is used in preparing desserts and is not used in candy making as such.

Dessert Topping Cream: It is also known as whipped topping and generally does not have cream content at all, and on the other hand it is a mixture of hydrogenated vegetable oils.