Get a loan even if you are a trainee civil servant

For most public establishments hiring, a trial period is always compulsory for all new civil servants. A new employee must therefore first go through the status of intern for a fixed period before obtaining his tenure, which will make him a civil servant in the institution in question. And sometimes, during this trial period, getting a loan is quite difficult because of the status which can be changed at any time.


Be an intern and apply for a loan

Even if you are still a trainee, there are different reasons that justify the need for a loan. Whether it’s a home loan, or whatever, it’s pretty tricky to get one with this status. Without tenure, the employee is not yet officially declared a public servant, but only hired as a paid intern. This would mean that the employee can leave or be suspended from work at any time, without notice or other required time. The creditworthiness of the borrower vis-à-vis the lender can then reduce all his chances of obtaining a loan. Until the debtor has all the cards to repay the loan until the end of the contract, the creditors will not grant it. However, with help, a trainee can still be able to unlock a loan.

Define your project well: when you provide credit, you can just as easily talk about a consumer project as a real estate project, as much as to say that on the purchase of real estate, you need to provide solid guarantees and an agent qualified as a civil servant trainee will have to wait for tenure to obtain funding.


Encourage obtaining a loan by being an intern

loan by being an intern

To increase the solvency rate of a official trainee with the bank or its borrower, it will be necessary to show another facet which will guarantee the reimbursement of the money debited. First, it would be easier to obtain a loan, if the trainee in question requestsit with a co-borrower (as specified in this article). The latter must have civil servant status in order to vouch for the trainee. One of the important points during the examination of a loan file is also the presence or not of a credit in progress. This changes a lot if the person is already paying off another loan apart from the one that is in progress. The debtor must also have in his account a fairly considerable personal contribution, as well as an important guarantee. The latter should be around the desired loan amount in another form of property. It is also preferable to be advised by professionals to see the most advantageous solution.

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