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E-likko Recipes For Chocolate Candy Making


If you are planning to try your hands at chocolate candy making, then the below presented e-likko recipes for chocolate candy will be of great help for you. The chocolate candy recipes by e-likko are very easy to learn and you can try them in actual at your kitchen without any problems as they are written keeping in mind the new candy makers. In addition to this, the e-likko recipes for chocolate candy making also contain tips and guidelines to make tasty chocolate candies.


Start chocolate candy making process by melting down the chocolate molding in thirty second intervals using microwave safe bowls. It is better to stir in-between because it ensures uniform distribution of heat and avoids chocolate being reaching the boiling level.


The second step of the e-likko recipes for chocolate candy asks to keep the chocolate bowl at uniform temperature for sometime in order to give final product a smooth, and a professional appearance. You can also use griddle, stove top and even a frying pan for this purpose. Here is an essential tip by e-likko recipes for chocolate candy making which says that one should never try to mix chocolate with water as they will not get mixed. The reason being that chocolate is oil based and it is a universal fact that oil and water never mix.  Therefore, to make a good chocolate candy it is advisable to avoid any contact with water and don’t even using a freshly washed mold or tool for chocolate candy making.


When you are making ganache filling for your truffles, make sure you do it at room temperature only otherwise the heavy whipping cream will result in freezing up the chocolate. However, for speedy cooling of the chocolate and for that fine, finished look, most of the chocolate candy making recipes suggests putting the warm chocolate filled mould into the freezer. It must be done before the substances begin to harden up, otherwise chocolate will appear foggy instead of shiny.


The next tip you will find in the e-likko recipes for chocolate candy is about coloring your chocolate candies. Always use oil-based colors so that water doesn’t spoil your candies. While coloring the chocolate, use only appropriate amount of color as too much color will affect the taste and consistency of the chocolate.


The chocolate candies need to be placed a cool and dry place for longer life. They are moisture sensitive and can absorb odors easily. Thus, it is advisable to put them in an air tight container. Chocolate candies should not be placed in freezer or refrigerators as there are chances of picking up moisture.


Above all, in addition to having perfect chocolate candy recipes by e-likko, you need to understand that you need practice to master the art of candy making in which you’ll get better with practice.